21 июля

21.07.2021. Оn temporary measures to regulate legal status of foreign nationals and stateless persons in Russian Federation until consequences of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) are overcome

Executive Order on temporary measures to regulate legal status of foreign nationals and stateless persons in Russian Federation until consequences of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) are overcome.

Vladimir Putin has signed the Executive Order On Temporary Measures to Regulate the Legal Status of Foreign Nationals and Stateless Persons in the Russian Federation Until the Consequences of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Are Overcome.

June 15, 2021


This Executive Order is designed to ensure the sanitary and epidemiological wellbeing of the population and to regulate the legal status of foreigners and stateless persons in the Russian Federation during efforts to overcome the consequences of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

In accordance with the Executive Order, the period from June 16, 2021, and for 90 days after the temporary restrictions introduced in Russia for transport links with foreign states are lifted, shall not be included in the period of temporary stay in Russia for foreign nationals and stateless persons, or in their relevant documents.

The expiry date of the certificates of participants of the State Programme to Assist the Voluntary Resettlement of Compatriots Living Abroad to the Russian Federation and the expiry date of temporary residence permits shall be suspended if foreign nationals and stateless persons holding such documents are currently living outside Russia.

Under the Executive Order, no decisions shall be taken through September 30, 2021, to extradite, expel or hand over foreign nationals and stateless persons living in the Russian Federation to a foreign state in accordance with international readmission agreements, to deny them entry into Russia or declare their stay in Russia undesirable, as well as to curtail the duration of their temporary stay in Russia, with the exception of foreign nationals to be discharged from detention facilities, those who have violated the law on the state border of the Russian Federation or are a threat to national security.

In accordance with the Executive Order, foreign nationals and stateless persons who entered Russia before March 15, 2020, and do not have legal grounds for staying in Russia as of June 16, 2021, have a right to file a request for the settlement of their legal status with the territorial offices of the Interior Ministry of the Russian Federation or exit Russia.

The period from June 16 through December 31, 2021, shall not be included in the period of temporary or permanent stay in Russia for foreign nationals and stateless persons on refugee certificates and on certificates of temporary asylum in Russia.

The Executive Order also concerns the signing of work contracts, the issuance of employment patents and licences for various categories of foreign nationals in the period from June 16 through December 31, 2021.

The list of foreign states the temporary travel bans for which have been lifted (including the date when the bans are lifted) shall be approved by the Government of the Russian Federation.

This Executive Order shall come into effect on June 16, 2021.